How to make a top-notch resume

How to make a top-notch resume

It is usual practice to use a resume throughout the whole recruitment process, and this is no exception. Employers in India should be able to quickly and easily determine the most relevant and important facts about you from your resume, which should be presented in a plain and uncomplicated way. 

The goal is to express as quickly as possible why your talents and experience make you an excellent candidate for the position. You will increase the likelihood of an employer taking notice of your CV if you follow a few basic rules and industry best practices. Making your CV relevant and simple to read should always be your number one priority when writing a resume. 

Check out how each of these sections should be written in your resume for a more in-depth understanding. Keep reading here in Free Job Alert 123 for more information!

Have a format

The structure of your resume refers to the method in which you organise and display the material that you’ve provided with your application. 

There are two basic resume formats to choose from, depending on your requirements: functional, chronological, or a combination of the three. Considering that it draws attention to your professional experience, a chronological resume is an ideal alternative if your professional career is substantial and devoid of gaps in employment history.

Input your name and contact details

The name and contact information, such as an email address and phone number, should be at the top of the CV. If you want to submit your postal address, that decision is totally up to you. 

Your name should be typed in 14-point font at the top of your resume, either bolded or larger than the rest of the document, to make it stand out. A link to your online portfolio may also be included if you’re searching for work in the creative field.

List down your skills

Consider the skills and qualities that distinguish you as the most qualified applicant for the post. Take a look at the job description and pay attention to the phrases that have worked for you in the past to make your application. 

While concentrating on your technical and interpersonal qualities, you should also evaluate your transferable capabilities, which may be used in any new profession or company when you graduate. 

Write an education section

For recent college or high school graduates in India who have little work experience, an education component will be very beneficial to their application. When it comes to your education, include the name of the institution you attended, the year you went, and the degree you received there. 

Even though your education is crucial, you may choose to erase everything from your resume except the name of your school and the dates of attendance to make room for relevant job experience. 

Proofread your resume

We in Free Job Alert 123 recommend that you should properly review your resume for problems such as grammatical or spelling issues. Reading your resume backwards could help you spot errors by presenting the words in a new order. 

Look for techniques to compress or lessen each component of your resume by deleting filler words or unneeded data if your resume is more than one page.

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